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  • After the first couple of hours of taking ashwagandha, i felt a sudden lift of that dreaded fog that had been sitting on my brain.

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    Commnt: Taking ashwagandha 3 days continuously causd palpitations m. It dinitly lt lik it gav m som ngy but th sid ct is lot missd hat bats, not a plasant ling. lt btt at i stoppd it. It took almost a wk tgt back tnomal. Plas watch out this symptom.

    You a pgnant: Ashwagandha may induc abotion. You a taking sdativs: Ashwagandha may incas sdativ cts.

    Animal and tst-tub studis hav ound that ashwagandha hlps induc apoptosis, which is th pogammd dath canc clls (7).

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    to understand why ksm-66 is a better form of ashwagandha than other forms on the market, it s essential we look at both the specifics of ksm-66 as well as look at what qualities make up the best ashwagandha and why.

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