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    Information about Zestril.

    As with other ACE inhibitorsZestril should be given with caution to patients with mitral valve stenosis and obstruction in the outflow of the left ventricle such as aortic stenosis or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

    Mood changesChange of colour in your fingers or toespale blue followed by rednessor numbness or tingling in your fingers or toesChanges in the way things tasteFeeling sleepySpinning feelingvertigoHaving difficulty sleepingStrokeFast heart beatRunny noseFeeling sicknauseaStomach pain or indigestionSkin rash or itchingBeing unable to get an erectionimpotenceFeeling tired or feeling weakloss of strengthA very big drop in blood pressure may happen in people with the following conditionscoronary heart diseasenarrowing of the aortaa heart arterykidney artery or heart valvesan increase in the thickness of the heart muscleIf this happens to youyou may feel dizzy or light-headedespecially if you stand up quicklyChanges in blood tests that show how well your liver and kidneys are workingHeart attackSeen and/or heard hallucinations.

    Like all medicinesthis medicine can cause side effectsalthough not everybody gets them.

    If you need surgerytell the surgeon ahead of time that you are using Zestril.

    Feeling confusedA lumpy rashhivesDry mouthHair lossPsoriasisa skin problemChanges in the way things smellDevelopment Coumadin clinic salem or of breasts in menChanges to some of the cells or other parts of your bloodYour doctor may take blood samples from time to time to check whether Zestril has had any effect on your bloodThe signs may include feeling tiredpale skina sore throathigh temperaturefeverjoint and muscle painsswelling of the joints or glandsor sensitivity to sunlightLow levels of sodium in your bloodthe symptoms may be tirednessheadachenauseavomitingSudden renal failure.

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    medications in this class include zestril, accupril, altace, and lotensin.

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